Saturday, July 16, 2011

Modified Ford Ranger Surabaya

Modified Ford Ranger that comes from City of Heroes is deserved thumbs up, not even just one thumb. How not just try to tough it looks already faces made all-out on the Ford Ranger Great Purwanto property along with the team this cello.

Almost invisible is not the original form, it is only natural that the cultivation of yag by Agung with colleagues from this Cello was not kidding. Starting from the far-distant day the car has been prepared, in terms of conception until its final form, so it was appropriate when the car is a success for the title of The King contest in the mat modification Extream Clas Mild Surabaya Accelera Auto Contest 2011 which was held at SSCC Supermall Surabaya some time ago.

Certainly many who saw this car full flow adheres to the audio, but before we get into that part of our surgical slight modifications on the exterior that has been stretched aka extends beyond the standard form and this is one attraction of this car. Ford Ranger standards body has indeed been a change that is quite critical, changes in sectors that performed on the body not only becomes wider or wide, but also extended by 40 cm at the cabin.

As for the chassis and the rear section in the stretch to approximately 1 meter. In order to outsmart the part that has been stretched, the sector also helped add to the wheels of these vehicles have wheels total of 6 pieces, really change that was not terrible. Likewise with the suspension that has applied airsuspen system allowing this Court's Ford Ranger could lie down till it is only 1 cm from the floor. Not enough with that, intalalation motororized also be applied from both doors, hood, rear deck audio installation breeding places and also some other devices.
Total cultivation does not take too long, sufficient within four months the majority of these cars have been completed, then stay after finish other sectors. Once satisfied to talk about body parts, turn to move into other sectors is quite interesting to see.

When viewing the back you might imagine with a car-style street party that has speakers much that can ust, ust as he walks. Now such a concept was also adopted during the Ford Ranger, the original rear deck luggage Ranger has transformed into an audio installation that shelters an average of all use of the product output Cello.

Rear speakers output Cello, such as C50 as much as 1 set and Cello also Reference 6.1 by 8 sets look back crowded the deck in such a way that has been designed like a dome with a motorized system that can be opened and closed. As for the front speakers take from Cello Opus 6 set as well as a center speaker that is still dominated by Cello Cello MG9 and C97 are each as much as 1 set.

Heart sound or head unit Kenwood DDX8036 output using BT, which is supported with additional devices such as LCD projectors and TV Panasonic LCD monitor 7 "output Oris 5 units all of which have been integrated by the power of Cello RA45 4 channels of 6 units, Monoblock Cello RA 15 by 9 units and also Capbank RCA 5 Farad 5 units. The result was no need to question again, the results of the workshop concoction Deden Soundwork Surabaya Xtreme can make you dance streets with this car, not to mention with a projector that can be fired on the flow of the waterfall at the rear of the vehicle , instead of the more unique look.

Some modifications are applied to this car automatically makes the performance of these vehicles need a much heavier, so it is natural that the Supreme takes into account its machinery sector. Little touches added to the affairs of the engine, some parts like a power booster HKS intercooler 32 ", Aluminum Piping, Oil Catch Tank Breddy, HKS Groundwire, oilcaps Radiator HKS, HKS blow off too Accu Delkor 100 amps of 3 units of co-pinned, as a result of this car is still can walk with maximum power.

Data & Facts: Head Unit: 2 din Kenwood DDX8036 BT (1 unit), LCD Projector: Panasonic (1 unit), TV Monitor: LCD 7 "Oris (5 units), Front: Cello Opus 6 (1 set), Center: Cello MG9 (1 set) & Cello C97 (1 set), Rear: Cello C50 (1 set) & Cello Reference 6.1 (8 sets), Speakers: 4 channels Cello RA45 (6 units) Subwoofer: monoblock Cello RA 15 (9 units), Capbank: RCA 5 Farad (5 units) Engine: HKS Intercooler 32 ", Aluminum Piping, Oil Catch Tank Breddy, HKS, Groundwire, oilcaps Radiator HKS, HKS blow off. Accu: Delkor 100 amp (3 units). Workshop: Xtreme Soundwork, Surabaya, Indonesia.

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