Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fun-vii Latest Concept Cars from Toyota

Toyota Fun-vii, exterior and interior appearance can change as people download the application on the smartphone

Towards the opening of the Tokyo Motor Show (TMS) to the 42 Japanese manufacturers intensified inform new concept vehicle that will be exhibited. Toyota for example, in addition to some concept cars that have been released previously, including the latest sports car “86″, will also showcase the latest concept car, named Fun-vii.

The interesting thing about this concept vehicle, the information system network (internet) increasingly converges on the cars in the future.

Changed Appearance
According to Toyota Fun-vii is a private vehicle with the ability to change the content displayed on the interior and exterior, as easy as downloading the application from various Internet sites.

For example, the entire body can be used as a demonstration or show information (including advertisements). Even the body color and the desired broadcast content can be edited directly in accordance with selerasa owners. Hence, the entire vehicle to serve as a terminal to display a message or other information.

The entire interior also serves as a visual aid. Interior colors can be changed freely according to the mood or the mood of the owner. Content such as navigation information, is directly forwarded to the interior. In addition, there is also a “navigation keys” that can provide information and guide the driver through a voice command.
Network functions continue to be updated. With this, the software in charge of running the vehicle and the control of the media system is in a situation and current conditions.
Fun-vii also be connected to the vehicle and the infrastructure around it. With this addition makes it possible to detect other vehicles – such as “blind spots” – or connected to your closest friends who happened to pass by driving his car.

Fun-vii operation is not limited only from inside the vehicle, can also be done remotely via a smartphone or other communication devices running.

With such capabilities, Toyota also instill the slogan “Fun to Drive, Again”, there is a Fun-vii. Vehicles that can carry three people, its dimensions: length 4020, width 1745, height 1415, 2750 wheelbase (mm).

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