Saturday, October 17, 2009

2010 Camaro Cold Air Intakes

Take a deep breath, now let it out. Now go out and sprint a ¼ mile and when you get to the end take short little one second breathes. Notice the difference between the two. That is essentially what happens to a vehicle when it doesn’t get enough air into the lungs (the engine). The runners that build up their lung capacity do much better than those who don’t. The same can be said of cars , the ones get getting as much air into the engine aren’t reaching its full potential. More air to the engine equates into more power and better efficiency on the road. Stock air intakes move just enough air for the car to function properly under normal driving conditions. There is a wide variety of after market cold air intakes for the 5th generation Camaro. We will talk about two in particular today. The AFE and AIRAID intakes are available for the 2010 Camaro just in time for the upcoming fall.

Advance Flow Engineering or AFE intakes produce up to an extra 10 horsepower at the rear wheels, 12 ft/lbs of torque and out flows stock air intakes by up to 86%. It can also improve your gas mileage by one or two miles per gallon. More air equals better performance. The AFE 2010 Camaro cold air intakes include a washable/ reusable conical performance air filter. The filter is made up of either 100% polyurethane or a cotton gauze media. Both have deep open pleats for a longer service cycle. The cotton media is an oiled filter that will have to be oiled with cleanings. There’s also the option for the dry filter. The dry filters don’t use oil, and can simply be cleaned and put back in the car. The AFE kits also include a fully tuned heat-insulated molded plastic tube that replaces the stock intake tract and directs increased air flow with improved volumetric efficiency for maximum performance. Installing the AFE 2010 camaro air intake is very easy and is a simple bolt on system, no drilling or cutting, and can be done in as little as 30 minutes. These kits will not void your factory warranty and they come with a one year warranty of their own that is handled through the manufacturer.

The 2010 Camaro AIRAID cold air intake systems are designed electronically to give engines maximum airflow, once again increasing horsepower, torque and improved performance at the pump. All AIRAID intakes are dyno tested to provide maximum performance and efficiency. AIRAID guarantees that they will not put out an intake system if it does not show a dramatic increase. The increase on the 2010 Camaro system is 16 horsepower and 13 foot pounds of torque. All AIRAID Premium Filters utilize a hand-poured urethane body that won’t crack, curl or shrink like other rubber or plastisol units. The Airaid 2010 camaro air intake system is washable and reusable as well and come with a Lifetime Warranty. Just like the AFE intake the install for the AIRAID intake will take the same amount of time, right about 30 minutes.

Most people are going with the airaid 2010 camaro intake system just because of the higher power gains. Again, it all comes down to the same principle as in the beginning. The ones that are getting the most air into their systems are going to performance the best. There are also a wide variety of parts that go well with a cold air intake. Typically to get the best performance gain possible, you should improve air flow, improve exhaust flow, and improve the tuning of the vehicle. When all those things are done, you end up with an even better result than you do from each part used individually. The best combination we have for the 2010 camaro to boost power is the Airaid cold air intake, The MBRP Exhaust, and the Diablosport Predator Tuner. This is the best setup we’ve seen that gives the maximum gains on the 2010 camaros without going to forced induction like a turbocharger or supercharger.

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