Saturday, October 17, 2009

APR Aerodynamic Widebody Kits- Mitsubishi EVIL-R Evolution

Item# :AB-483000
APR Aerodynamic Kits are designed to achieve the highest possible aerodynamic characteristics in a product aero kit. Each kit is engineered to provide minimum drag coefficients while giving each vehicle a wider stance to increase traction. High grade fiberglass and carbon fiber materials are used in the construction of these aero kits
MSRP Price: $4,406.49

Product Description:

CNC Manufacturing Process ?C Utilizing solid pieces of Aluminum, the Flex Control Bar is machined by a CNC process. This manufacturing process ensures that every Flex Control Bar is highly durable and able to withstand high stress.

6061 Billet Aluminum Construction ?C The APR Flex Control Bars are composed of 6061 Billet Aluminum pieces. This makes the Flex Control Bars very light due and able to withstand high stress.

Non-Pivoting, Interlocking Joints ?C Because of the interlocking joints and stainless steel bolts that hold the APR Flex Control Bars together, there is absolutely no way for these strut bars to flex in any direction.

Anodized Coating ?C To ensure its beautiful finish, the APR Flex Control Bar uses fade resistant Anodized Coating which reduces oxidation of the aluminum construction.

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