Friday, November 6, 2009


There are some disadvantages to using a water injection system, some of which can be catastrophic! Firstly, a failure in your water injection system would mean a complete lack of detonation suppression, which could quickly lead to engine failure! To prevent such a scenario, you need a failsafe system that will cut engine power when the intake charge temperature downstream from the water injector reaches a certain threshold. Secondly, the minerals in tap water will quickly clog up the water injector and will result in a failure to deliver the correct amount of water.

For this reason you should use distilled water in your water injection system. As with any other system, you need to ensure that only quality hoses and clamps are used in order to ensure the reliability of you water injection system.

Finally, determining the correct amount of water that needs to be injected can be pretty tricky as you do not want high boost pressure with too little detonation suppression! The safest way of reaching the correct amount of water injection for a particular application is to start with a lower boost pressure and slowly increase boost pressure. If detonation occurs, back off immediately and increase the water injection if a greater boost pressure is required.

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