Friday, November 13, 2009


18inch 5H-108

■ Ferrari Akira Makoto ornament mounting adapter included. (Akira Makoto ornament is not included.)
■ Dedicated 4 bolt hub comes with only exhaustive set of purchase (including titanium bolt hub Akira Makoto * unavailable) 5 this entry (M14) 17HEX · P1.5/30 mm
■ F1 valve

All models Meta the race for the Ferrari Competition

Masterpieces of the gem was developed just for fabless Ferrari, based on the birth of the new model Detonatoremesshu 18 inches. 10.75J at 9.28 kg weight reduction and to achieve an astounding, the surf's family on the premise that competition specifications.
Results dropped to the extreme thickness cut produce as well as matching circuit and the best combination of sporty driving and Semireshingutaiya Kabonrota, almost the same design 20 feet in length compared to the mesh part in. expression. In addition, F1 to adopt the same air valve is used on the machine. Konpetivu punch seems like a perpetual quest for a functional gift.

18inch 9.0J SILVER

18inch 10.75J SILVER

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