Wednesday, November 11, 2009


5H-112 5H-114.3 5H120

5H-112 5H-114.3 5H120

Pursuit of a stylish and luxurious! !
Generation wheel ahead of the times

A New Era open up DNA to create a presence and should be. Manufacturers who produce the original wheel or she would have such a bold idea. But the idea did not give up fabless. Read ahead of the curve, creating a new wheel styling.
Image of the ideal wheel is inferred from the current styling of the car. Results continued to pursue it, is derived entirely new appearance. "This wheel will have the power to create a time" off the top of the times that dare confidently. The catch-up is never asked to not get satisfaction. And feel the wave of the future is authentic. Maybe one day become mainstream style of this wheel. Then we'll get to know the value of this wheel again.

Enchanted spoke beautiful! !

Evolution Motorsports orthodox, Furattodisukudezain. This one-piece type and MB-5 and is inextricably linked to relationships.
Expand the possibilities of the idea of reverse selection. And, more supple finish spokes were attached by a beautiful round flat disk by this. Ultimately it is up to the stylish and have adopted the open-wheel series and the first time in many fabless wheel cover type, one portion of the device to elongate the spokes.

The positive tip and spoke to the most distinctive shape in this duct. Show produce the effect of the wheel and clean the outer part of creating an element with a sporty driving scenes in this duct was calculated. Match the car's styling is modern and simple in this light, can you create harmony with the pomp of bolts and earrings.

Practical use in high care

Advantage of utilizing a three-piece, disk type and the two special types of low and mid. The design and can freely choose the type of hub or caliper of the car.

The unique three-piece bolt earrings are gorgeous as usual. In sporty accents, directing the image even more gorgeous. Ornaments such as earrings beat the glitz of the bolt is given a solid volume. This ornament is the plating can choose from two types of red. Aggressive person would have adopted an interesting red. Of course, calculations have been pierced with a solid portion of the balance of the bolt spokes, has been developed to its fullest sense of the fabless here, too.

And attention to the extensive size line-up. Can choose the optimal pin-point size can be set according to the models of each delicate. Future, fabless is also considering over 20 inches, currently under development by forging the big size! I want to come forward!


BLACK POLISH 20inch 5H114.3

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