Friday, November 13, 2009




In order to confront the pinnacle.

Evolution of features, beaver here.

Ferrari dominated the sports car of all. Pinnacle of racing, F1 for a dominant brand in the proud, the wheel manufacturers offer at least as many companies will have integrated into the country. That's why the challenge is fabless. To calculate the precise, beautiful fins Meta the precise shape is to change to a more refined appearance of the pinnacle of Italian sports car.

Of course, making a fabless design goes further on appeal. Rigidity, combined with ultra-lightweight two-dimensional one high, to maximize the potential of the prancing horse, In addition, we exceeded it.

Especially in light of stuck. Lower weight and a spring is directly related to acceleration and cornering performance, approximately 40 percent compared with conventional wheels are made lighter. Strength and timeless feel intense fear of driving and even atom by 8000t forging press 1 piece (20 · 19inch) why. Lacy extreme appeal to the center bore down the crowded, give the process of Loretto to prevent tire slip at high speeds (17inch), such as hand to pursue further lift off capabilities. , Plain and simple poles on the evolution Njita reached the end of the battle.


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