Friday, November 6, 2009


Long spoke with ultra ultra PRIM

Raf MC-8. Developed from two wheels were placed at two major missions.
First, the "form of prim thrilling." Should give a wheel to gain an overwhelming presence. Second, the "show detail of large-diameter spokes" long.

Must attain the luxury to be fancy endlessly. Who met this concept is thought to control the wheel and all.

Instead of just blindly pursuing impact, the precise calculation of the unique shape, beautifully made and destroyed sublimation contradictory elements. Prim surrounding fence will be required to maximize the depth of the rim, beautiful full of three-dimensional knowledge of the disk surface during the end of the rim. Eight spokes divided into long gentle arc this effect appears as the one designed to show surface inch or larger.

Prim the ultimate shape of the world's best depth and pride from what they can fabless. If you look at the overwhelming force that was born with high technology and computation, not only kowtow anymore.
Prim also the spokes and ultra-long aligned ultra Marenaru Ragujuarihoiru kind is to give the owner a more upscale.



Choice center Cap Type 3: Red, Black, Silver

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